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Terms & Conditions
Block Session Purchase

These are the Terms and Conditions for Block Session purchases from Acing ADHD. 

To find out more, please get in touch with us at

  1. Block session purchases are only available to people who have participated in two initial sessions to see that the coaching style is relevant to their needs.

  2. Sessions are paid for in advance and are in NZD.

  3. Sessions are subject to availability.

  4. Cancellation must be done 48 hours before the session unless there is an emergency; if not, you will be charged 50% of the session cost, which will be taken from your block of sessions. Please email with the subject line CANCELLATION and the date/time of the session so that your session can be cancelled or rescheduled, or contact us via Wix.

  5. Block Session Purchases are transferrable, so if you no longer need the sessions, you can sell them to someone else who has ADHD, believes they have ADHD or interacts with someone who has ADHD. They will then have the number of sessions that you had remaining, and your account will be archived in Wix.

  6. Block Session Purchases are valid for two years after purchase.

  7. All sessions are confidential unless there is a threat to life, including you or others, in which case authorities will be contacted.

  8. Acing ADHD uses Wix, which you will be asked to use when participating in the initial two sessions. The number of sessions you purchase will then be added to your membership so you know how many sessions you have left. You will also be able to access any material provided by your coach.

  9. All sessions are via Zoom.

  10. Acing ADHD follows the Ethical framework of the International Coaching Federation.

  11. If you have feedback regarding your session or have any concerns, please email us as soon as possible at so we can address anything that needs to be looked at. We value your feedback.

  12. Acing ADHD is a coaching business and does not provide diagnoses or medication; we provide information and techniques to manage and thrive with ADHD. Please follow the direction of your medical professional for all things relating to your diagnosis or medication. Any mention of these topics in your session/s is anecdotal and should not be used in place of what a doctor/psychiatrist/psychologist advises.

  13. Acing ADHD is based in New Zealand, so it is covered by New Zealand law, including the Fair Trading Act and Consumer Guarantees Act.

  14. Acing ADHD is the trading name of LST Consulting Ltd.

  15. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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