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$25 voucher for Individual or Monthly Group ADHD Coaching or ADHD Training Courses.


Pay via PayPal or inquire about alternative payment options at

Gift Voucher

  • The voucher is non-refundable. Please consider carefully the following terms:

    The voucher is transferrable and may be utilised by the purchaser or their nominee. In the event the intended recipient no longer wishes to use the voucher, it may be transferred to another individual. It is imperative to acknowledge that no refunds will be issued. Therefore, ensure the recipient is willing to use the voucher before purchase. Additionally, the responsibility for transferring the voucher to the designated individual rests with the original purchaser. The voucher remains valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Remember to inform Acing ADHD of any voucher transfers so they can honour the original purchase.

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