Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions that apply to the $50 discount for an initial Coaching session with Acing ADHD in recognition of ADHD Awareness Month

1.    This offer is for new clients only. All current and former clients please contact us at info@acingadhd.com to find out discount


2.    This offer is only open to people who contact Acing ADHD via info@acingadhd.com or by booking using the above booking button.

3.    This discount applies to online sessions via Zoom only .

4.    Additional discounts are available if you choose to continue coaching with Acing ADHD. Please ask about these options at the end

       of your initial session.

5.    Sessions are available for adults with an ADHD diagnosis or those who believe they have ADHD and are yet to have a diagnosis.

6.    Payment is in NZ dollars and is expected to be paid prior to the session.

7.    This offer expires on the 14th of November 2021 at 11.59pm. Bookings must be made prior to the expiry of this offer although

        the session and payment may occur after this date.

8.    Sessions will be determined by availability and are one hour.

9.    Sessions are for individuals only.

10. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.