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"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible"


Frank Zappa

ADHD can be a blessing and a curse, especially when you are diagnosed as an Adult. You now have something to blame yet where do you go from here?


With understanding how ADHD may be affecting your life, the framework that you are living in and key strategies you can learn to thrive!


You do need to relearn how you think about yourself, what motivates you, why you get overwhelmed, communicating with both yourself and others and more that others – i.e. neurotypicals – take for granted. It is a challenge and is not easy, however it does make things easier and much more satisfying!


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What is ADHD?

ADHD is the short-form for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is said to affects 4-15% of the population. It is non-discriminatory affecting both men and women (boys and girls) equally albeit boys were previously thought to be more effected; different ethnicities; people from all economic groups; educated and not... so you are likely to know someone who is affected. 


As the name states, it is a disorder, which means it can have quite an impact on those with ADHD - this can be negative or positive.  It affects focus, emotions, executive functioning, energy levels, behaviour and more.

There are three main types of ADHD that are generally used in diagnosis although there are some who suggest as many as 7. These are:

  • Inattentive

  • Impulsive/Hyperactive

  • Combined (this is a combination of the other two)

No matter whether you are diagnosed with ADHD or believe you have it, you usually are concerned about things that you are having difficulty achieving. Take a deep breath, because there are proven ways to assist with most of the difficulties we encounter.

More information will be added here soon 

What is ADHD?

Why have an ADHD Coach?

Because an ADHD coach:

  • Understands what the challenges are

  • Gets where you are coming from

  • Works with you to achieve what you want

  • Is aware of comorbid conditions and the additional complications they may involve

  • Knows effective techniques to use

Why have an ADHD Coach?
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"When I’m focused, there is not one single thing, person, anything that can stand in the way of my doing something... If I want something bad enough, I feel I’m gonna get there."

Michael Phelps


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