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October is ADHD Awareness Month. Diagnoses is becoming more common in adults as it is now acknowledged that people do not grow out of ADHD. Also, those who have an inattentive presentation may not have had their ADHD recognised in childhood because they were not disruptive like their hyperactive counterparts and were therefore overlooked. As adults these people find themselves in a situation where they may be taking medication, and although this helps, they still find they are having difficulty. Others could be caught in believing or knowing they have ADHD, however because of the cost of diagnosis or ongoing cost of the confirmation of the diagnosis, are yet to have formal or current confirmation, meaning they are unable to access medication.

At Acing ADHD we believe that Coaching will help all people, at any stage, understand themselves, gain a greater understanding of others and benefit from learning skills that will assist them navigate effectively through life. In recognition of ADHD Awareness month we are offering a $50 discount on an initial session and further discounts if the person would like to continue coaching.

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